Do you have a client whose dog is extremely fussy, isn’t thriving on their current diet, or would benefit from a gently cooked menu?

In place of a home-cooked diet, recommending Country Cookhouse will provide you with the peace of mind that each meal offers complete and balanced nutrition. The low temperature cooking process eliminates all concerns of harmful bacteria, making it the perfect choice even for immunocompromised pets.

Choosing the right brand.

Do they employ a Nutritionist?

Yes, Caravan has a full time Pet Nutrition Expert on staff who is an Agrologist, accredited by the Ordre des Agronomes du Québec, supported by Agrologists Canada Institute. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in Agronomy that includes over 450 hours in animal science (200 in animal nutrition), she has a Master’s degree in Animal Science. Both degrees were achieved at the Université Laval, Québec City. Our recipes are formulated by our full-time Pet Nutrition Expert with over 8 years of experience in food formulation, using formulation software and validated by laboratory analysis.

What is the quality control process for ingredients and finished products?

Diets are formulated to follow the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) for dogs of all life stages. Caravan uses both nutrient data and laboratory analysis to formulate the recipes and achieve these guidelines. Caravan is produced in a human grade CFIA inspected kitchen to ensure maximum safety of our finished goods.

Look at the label.

Is there a nutritional adequacy statement?

Each of our products is labelled according to their nutritional values. Rotation is also recommended for recipes. As indicated on our labels and website, Caravan Country Cookhouse is suitable for dogs of all life stages.

How many calories per gram or serving of food?

We have a complete analysis for each formulation available in our website, as well as a guaranteed analysis on the label.

Does the company provide immediate contact information such as a phone number or email?

There are many ways to easily reach out to someone at Caravan. Phone or email are the most common. There will always be someone ready to help. Contact information is readily available on our website.

Reach out to us.

For a free consultation or samples, please reach out to us with your clinic's information: