Adding fresh food to your pet's food bowl benefits overall health in ways that processed food is unable to. Ask us the questions, and we'll show you that Caravan Country Cookhouse should be you and your adventurous canine's first choice for gently cooked, balanced nutrition.

How long will this stay fresh when opened?

Store Country Cookhouse in your fridge approximately 24 hours before you want to serve it to your dog which allows it to thaw slowly. Once thawed it can be safely stored in your fridge for up to 5 days.

Forgot to thaw?

Because it is gently cooked there is no risk to using the microwave to defrost. Some pets may even prefer their Country Cookhouse served slightly warmed, releasing those savoury aromas.

Is it supposed to be crumbly?

These recipes might seem a bit “drier” than other gently cooked or fresh food you may have experienced – and there is a very good reason for this! You’re not paying for any fillers or added water to ensure the recipe stays moist – if it is a bit too dry for your pet, you can rehydrate by adding warm water, goat milk, or bone broth.

Can I use Caravan Country Cookhouse if I’m also feeding raw or kibble?

Absolutely! No matter your dog’s current diet, they’re sure to enjoy Caravan Country Cookhouse in their meal rotation or as an occasional treat or meal topper.

Could I make this at home?

Home cooked diets may not meet your pet’s nutritional needs. Cooking equipment, cooking temperatures and ingredient quality can all affect bioavailability of nutrients, potentially leading to deficiencies in crucial vitamins and minerals.

What is gently cooked pet food?

Our Country Cookhouse is neither kibble nor raw but rather cooked at low temperatures, similar to how we prepare our own human food. This process allows for maximum nutrient retention and utmost enjoyment by pets.

Why do these recipes contain vegetables?

All ingredients, including the fruits and vegetables, are chosen for the nutrition that they bring to the recipe as well as most dogs readily enjoy some veggies in their diet. Cooked or frozen vegetables are more digestible than fresh, making the nutrients more easily absorbed.

Is garlic safe for dogs?

It was thought that garlic, in the same plant family as onions, were toxic to dogs. However, recent research shows that in small doses, it actually has significant health benefits. It’s known to have antibiotic, antifungal and antiparasitic properties, the ability to lower cholesterol, and even prevent the formation of tumors. Not to mention, it also works as a natural flea and tick repellant. Too much of any good thing can become unhealthy. Caravan recipes contain only 0.77g of garlic per 1lb package. A safe dose for a 10lb dog would be roughly 2 g daily of fresh garlic. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11108195/

Can it be thawed and then refrozen?

Ideally, food should be frozen and thawed only once, though it can be re-frozen if necessary. Just be sure to use the re-frozen product the same day it is thawed the second time. The re-freezing and thawing process may change the flavour and texture of the food, however most dogs don’t notice!

How do I transition to Caravan Country Cookhouse?

There is no “best” way to transition. Some pet parents prefer the “cold turkey” approach while others believe a slower transition to be more beneficial. If your pet has a sensitive tummy, it’s likely best to make a gradual transition.

Do I need to change flavours?

All Caravan Country Cookhouse recipes are complete and balanced for dogs and puppies but we still recommend offering all 4 delicious recipes to your pet. Offering dietary variety not only keeps your pet interested in mealtimes, but also reduces the chance of developing food allergies.

Why is the serving size so small?

Country Cookhouse contains no nutrient void ingredients (fillers) like pasta, rice, or white potatoes. Adding only the good stuff that brings nutrition means that you're not paying for cheap, empty calories. Your dog can get the nutrients they need with less bulk.

How is Country Cookhouse different than other similar cooked brands?

From the quality of the selected ingredients and the nutrition they provide, to the cooking style and temperature, these and many other factors set Caravan apart. Containing nearly twice the protein, no fillers (nutrient negligible ingredients), and no added water, you're feeding only the good stuff.